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Yelp Review from 8-30-2019 - Early Termination of Probation and expungement of DUI case

Jeffrey successfully represented me for a motion for early termination of probation and dismissal / expungement of a misdemeanor DUI conviction in Marin County. I was very pleased with his honesty and transparency throughout every step of the process, as well as his ability to relate on a personal level.

I had completed 24 of 36 months of my probation at the time of the motion. Jeffrey guided me through the process of crafting my statement to the court, providing valuable insight and technical prowess as to the best ways to ensure a favorable ruling.

He was very reasonable about money as well, even when unforeseen circumstances arose. As important as anything else, he was diligent about regularly following up with me even after the court ruled in our favor, something I doubt one could expect from a lesser attorney. HIGHLY recommended Mr. Kaloustian.

– Greg S.

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