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Jeffrey has been engaged with cannabis law issues since he started practicing law in Oakland in 2011. He has successfully defended clients facing a variety of cannabis-related criminal charges including unlawful possession, sale, distribution, cultivation, transportation and manufacturing. Jeffrey's expertise in medical cannabis issues and his stellar advocacy skills have led to many victories for a long list of cannabis clients throughout California.

With the legalization of the recreational cannabis market in California, the use of new civil enforcement tactics by local and state authorities to target alleged unlawful cannabis activity is on the rise. Jeffrey is proud to bring ten years of experience in criminal and administrative law to this new front line in cannabis defense. He represents licensed and unlicensed cannabis clients facing a wide array of civil and/administrative enforcement actions and/or penalties. This practice area includes defending clients accused of violating laws aimed at protecting waterways, mountain slopes and other natural systems.

An undergraduate degree in environmental geography provides Jeffrey with a solid foundation to grasp the interdisciplinary nature of cannabis law and defense.  Jeffrey's background includes training in resource conservation, biogeography and geomorphology as well as special technical training in remote imagery sensing, spatial analysis, statistics and geographic information systems (GIS).

Jeffrey's environmental background, legal expertise, industry experience and genuine passion make him a natural choice for all kind of clients in the cannabis industry.

Jeffrey's practice includes defending clients facing alleged violations from:           

  • Ca Dept. of Cannabis Control Citations
    • Notices to Comply, Notices to Abate
    • License suspension, revocation, probation or discipline actions (Bus. And Prof. Code 26031)
    • Citations for unlicensed cannabis activity (Bus. And Prof. Code 26031.5 & Bus. And Prof. Code 26038)
  • Appeals – Cannabis Control Appeal Panel (CCAP)
    • Appeals of licensing authority decisions (Bus. And Prof. Code 26043)
    • Judicial Review of Agency Action by Writ of Mandate (Bus. And Prof. Code 26045)
  • Nevada County Cannabis Compliance Division
    • Nevada County Land Use and Development Code Sec. II-L 3.30 Cannabis Cultivation
      • Site inspections & abatement actions
      • notices to abate with administrative penalties
      • suspension, revocation of permit
  • Ca State Water Resources Control Board Cannabis Enforcement Actions
  • Ca Dept of Fish and Wildlife Citations
      • Fish and Game Code section 5650 (illegal discharge into water)
      • Fish and Game Code section 5652 (illegal refuse into water)

Attorney Kaloustian's genuine belief in cannabis as a healing herb and a positive force for both People and Planet underlies his spirited approach to this expanding area of his practice.  Accordingly, Jeffrey is most excited about partnering with clients that share a deeper vision and commitment to the promotion and protection of cannabis.

As a solo attorney, Jeffrey consistently delivers highly tailored legal services to fit the needs of his diverse clients.  In addition to defending cannabis citations, the Law Office of Jeffrey Kaloustian also handles:

  • Local Permit Applications to Municipal and/or County Cannabis Control agencies         
  • Dept. of Cannabis Control license applications
    • All license types accepted
  • OCal Certification for Organic Cannabis (Business and Professions Code Section 26062)
  • Cannabis Appellations of Origin (Business and Professions Code Section 26063(b))
  • Regulatory Compliance

Importantly, attorney Kaloustian's ten years of experience in the cannabis industry in the Bay Area and beyond have translated into a professional network that runs deep and wide. Jeffrey's knows a cadre of other distinguished lawyers practicing in the cannabis legal space. If you or your organization's legal needs include such areas as entity formation, contract drafting, real estate transactions or intellectual property rights, Jeffrey can refer you to super qualified, trusted counsel. 

 Jeffrey's journey of service in cannabis law has also brought him into direct contact with environmental consultants, scientists, policy advisors, medical doctors, market analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders, social justice advocates and others actively engaged in the cannabis industry. So being represented by the Law Office of Jeffrey Kaloustian means that in addition to receiving superior, results-driven legal services, you will gain access to a network of trusted cannabis experts to assist in the development and/or defense of your case as the situation may require.

Jeffrey is a member of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance, California NORML and the International Cannabis Bar Association—professional associations that reflect his ongoing commitment to, and engagement with, the promotion and protection of cannabis locally, regionally and internationally. 

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