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Experiencing the winter wonderland of California's many alpine ski resorts is a pure delight. Jeffrey Kaloustian is well aware, having served for 7 seasons as a professional ski patroller at Squaw Valley USA (1999 - 2006). He was a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) for a decade beginning in 2000 (Sierra - Sacramento Valley EMS Agency). Jeffrey also gained a professional (Cal-OSHA) license as a blaster and performed frontlines avalanche control work with explosives as part of his regular ski patrol duties. Jeffrey is super familiar with professional, world class ski area operations and associated risk assessments. 

Risk of injury and/or death is an inherent part of the sport of skiing. Use of a ski area's lift facilities generally creates a contract between the skier and the provider. As part of that contract, by using the lift services the skier accepts the inherent risk of the sport and agrees not to sue the ski area for any skiing related injuries. Injuries of all kinds, serious and not so serious, happen all the time at ski areas and the vast majority of them present no legal case or claim. Rightfully, they shouldn't. 

However, if you are injured or suffer a loss at a ski resort as a result of another person's reckless or negligent behavior, there is no better attorney to contact than Jeffrey Kaloustian. The loss or injury may be due the action or inaction of a ski area employee. Or, the negligence of another guest at the ski resort may have caused you or your loved one's injury/loss.

In any case, Jeffrey Kaloustian's legal expertise, EMT background and professional ski patroller experience make him uniquely qualified and an obvious choice to handle your ski area accident case. 


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