DMV Hearings

DMV LogoDriving is considered a privilege and not a right. The California Dept. of Motor Vehicles may try and suspend or revoke your driver’s license for various reasons. However, the DMV cannot suspend or revoke your license without giving you an opportunity for a hearing. This is a due process right, and this is where Jeffrey Kaloustian can really help preserve your license.

If you have had problems involving your ability to drive, no matter what the circumstances, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may have a hearing about whether or not to revoke your driver’s license. If a hearing has been scheduled, you need the assistance of a competent and dedicated attorney like Jeffrey Kaloustian who will help you retain your driving privileges.

Attorney Jeffrey KaloustianSome of the types of hearings where he has successfully defeated a proposed DMV suspension include:

Negligent Operator Hearings

Being found guilty of a “moving violation” such as speeding or a running a red light often results in a “point” on your DMV driving record. If you are at fault for a collision, you will also likely have a point assessed by the DMV. A DUI, reckless driving or driving on suspended license conviction carries two points on your license.

If you accumulate too many points on your driver’s license, the DMV may try and suspend or revoke your license because they will consider you to be a “negligent operator.”

Financial Responsibility Hearings

This generally occurs if you were involved in an accident and did not have the legally required insurance on your vehicle.

Medical Reexamination Hearings

If it has been reported to DMV that you have a physical or mental condition that can affect your ability to drive. Attorney Kaloustian will present evidence at a reexamination hearing in order to help you keep your driver’s license.

Do not take a chance at appearing at a hearing alone. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey Kaloustian for help. His office is in Oakland and he serves all those in the Bay Area as well as residents of Nevada, Placer, Plumas and Sierra Counties.